EduLife Case Study: When Angular Met Headless Drupal for the Dynamic Web Experience

TLDR: EduLife wanted an online platform with a hassle-free and easy content management system. Web Spiders offered them, a full suite of event software that allows organizations to host events successfully. EduLife’s Virtual Campus is powered by  1.…Read more

WS Town Hall 2021 – Welcoming Back In-Person Events

On 24th September 2021, Web Spiders team celebrated the homecoming of in-person events with the annual Town Hall 2021. Amidst the debate of whether the trend of hybrid events will stay or fade away with time, the in-person event of…Read more

Future-proofing Your Fundraising: What Does Nonprofit Digital Transformation Look Like?

Be it helping them pivot their in-person events to virtual, developing AI-powered chatbots to help them raise funds, build responsive websites or promote their causes on social media to raise awareness. We feel a certain sense of mission when it…Read more

Niladri Dasgupta Appointed CTO – “Chief Technology Officer” for Web Spiders Group

10th March, 2021: San Jose, US & India: Web Spiders Group today announced it has promoted Niladri Dasgupta, an experienced leader at Web Spiders Group (including as its CTO – Chief Technology Officer – to lead the company’s strategic…Read more

3 Types of Social Media Posts You Aren’t Using Enough in Your Marketing

A social media feed that is just a stream of same-y photos and links is boring. Unfortunately, the to-do pile keeps growing, and 15 minutes is about as much time as you can give to planning your social media content.…Read more

3 Industries That Enterprise Software Companies Are Redefining Using AI Bots

Chatbots have permeated every facet of any business or professional undertaking. They present a win-win situation, one that benefits both the customers as well as the brands. They vastly improve client service operations. They are also instrumental in streamlining other…Read more

FUTR Singapore 2019 and Web Spiders Come Together To Transform The Event Attendee Experience

FUTR 2019 was one of the most important events in the South Asian business landscape. With more than 3,500 attendees, 25% of them C-Level Executives, it’s a dynamic, diverse conference and a peek into the future of retail, marketing and…Read more
Gecko @ The One Show - BBC

Gecko, the AI Interview Bot from WS, Featured on BBC One

Sid (CEO, WS) explaining how the interview bot works on The One Show.   Gecko was featured on the October 14th episode of The One Show on BBC One to highlight the rising importance of Artificial Intelligence in the recruitment…Read more

How Integrated AI chatbots Help Enterprise Lead Engagement

Organizations tend to generate leads in one of the following two ways – inbound or outbound. The conventional mode of generating leads is often referred to as the outbound verticals. In this, companies directly reach out to their target demography…Read more

5 Essential Steps in your Digital Transformation Journey

Today, the implementation of digital transformation often gets lost in the endless strategies & back-to-back meetings inside corporate boardrooms. Apprehensive of making mistakes, CEOs are averse to putting their money where their mouth is.  Fortunately, transitioning from ideation to execution,…Read more

4 Reasons Why Email Follow Up Bots Are a Crucial Part of your Marketing Arsenal

An old South-Asian adage goes, same same but different. Email and chatbots enjoy abundant similarities while exhibiting subtle but undeniable differences. In many ways, where the role of a chatbot ends, that of an email bot begins. One of the…Read more
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