Atlanta 360|Flex Event – a Web Spiders report

Atlanta 360|Flex Event - a Web Spiders report

Web Spiders, as a 360Flex Silver Sponsor, had the opportunity to meet many programmers and a few agencies that are involved or interested in RIA/Flex. Adobe Flex, and AIR continue to gain visibility and interest among Corporations and Entrepreneurs. Yet at the same time, the number of good to strong RIA/Flex engineers is below capacity. Agencies we spoke with seemed open to outsourcing their Flex needs – until they are able to staff internally. Price, which is often a decision making factor, was not as important as availability and experience. With our on and off site/shore models, Web Spiders, a pioneer in Rich Internet Applications, is uniquely positioned to help overcome the Flex resource shortages.

Overall, the spirit of the 360|Flex Atlanta event was upbeat, with people enjoying the tech oriented sessions, training and even some business mentoring (how to manage an agency, and personal branding). These are important, as we know, for marketing your skills. The event marked the long awaited parallel release by Adobe of Flex 3.0 and AIR 1.0. Other than that, there were no major announcements on product – but clearly we see the signs continuing to point to more and more RIA/Flex application and web site requests. And Web Spiders continues to remain ahead of the curve. Visit our Flex/RIA case studies and contact us to learn more how we can help with your resourcing requirements.

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