Web Spiders @ CTIA Wireless 2009 – Day 2

Web Spiders @ CTIA Wireless 2009 - Day 2

CTIA Wireless Conference closed on the second day with the same energy of the first. People get it, they understand that Mobile Marketing is strong, even in this recession. People are mobile, they live their lives away from the confines of office and home. We spoke with content providers that want to reach these mobile people. We talked with entrepreneurs that are looking to put these people in contact with each other through social networking. Our own Snockles played well in these conversations.

And we met with business owners that are seriously considering their next move – extending their brand and reach through a mobile marketing strategy, According to Stephen Harris (VP North America), “There may be a time soon when having an executed mobile strategy will be mandatory – not an option.”

Lastly, we met with carriers that have a real interest and motivation to make APIs and Widgets available to developers for their networks. Carriers need to make themselves relevant… while facing the iPhone threat. Follow along on www.twitter.com/sph001, the Web Spiders onsite twitter stream.

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