Acquia Hosting: What Is Happening?

Acquia Hosting: What Is Happening?

Acquia Hosting

Acquia Hosting is a cloud-based hosting platform modulated for Drupal performance and scalability with higher PHP memory, Drupal-specific LAMP stack tuning and high availability database configuration. The result is faster dynamic content rendering and improved site reliability. It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of large Drupal websites. Along with Acquia Network subscriptions, Acquia delivers comprehensive Drupal infrastructure support from a single vendor. Drupal has attained success at an incredible pace in a very short span of time due to great performance and scalability.

On the technical front, Acquia has built tools to automatically launch multi-server hosting environments optimized for Drupal. It is constituted on Amazon Web Services using Open Source components such as Varnish, Puppet, GlusterFS, NginX and more.

Acquia Hosting was started with a strong focus on engineering and reliability. The results were: providing multiple, redundant web nodes; real-time database replication; backups; monitoring infrastructure, customer isolation and more. The next focus was on improving the performance of Acquia Hosting by adding tools like Varnish for page caching, extensive adjustments to Apache, PHP and MySQL along with repeated rounds of realistic load testing.

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