Web Spiders Completes Major E-Commerce Project for UK Client

Web Spiders Completes Major E-Commerce Project for UK Client

In the last fortnight, Web Spiders successfully completed working on a major e-commerce project for an international client. The client is based in London and provides English language tutorials to students, but outside the walls of the classroom. Their specialty lies in conducting workshops and educational tours around the city of London with groups of students, usually children and teens. These sessions are headed by teachers who are native English speakers.

One of the core requirements of the client was to move from a brochure/information website to a full-fledged e-commerce solution. Web Spiders developed the project on the top of open source Drupal content management system (CMS) with LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) as the underlying technology, and Ubercart for the e-commerce functionality. Moreover, the entire site has been made available in 4 different languages besides English, which include French, German, Italian and Spanish, to aid international students.

By employing CMS, managing various learning sessions for the different categories of learners (children, teens, adults accompanying children, etc.) is very easy. The extensive e-commerce facilities also allow users to buy books, games, CDs/DVDs, magazines online with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Users can also register / log in / rate products / forward products to other friends.

The project marks an important milestone in Web Spiders‘ long history of providing its clients cutting-edge e-commerce solutions that help them take the next step forward and stay ahead of their competition. Web Spiders‘ “best-shore” delivery model combining employees in the UK and India office has once again delivered a cost effective solution for a major international client.

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