Top Smart Phones of 2010

Top Smart Phones of 2010

To all the Android vs iPhone vs Windows Phone vs Blackberry types, it’s the season to be jolly, so can’t we all just get along? 2010 had plenty of great smartphones for any and all of you, and just to foster peace between our smartphone loving brothers and sisters, here are the year’s top five smartphones in no particular order. Just scan the list and take your pick:-

  • The HTC Evo 4G – Touted as the first 4G smartphones, and sporting a huge 4.3 inch screen, the EVO 4G certainly emptied the pockets of a lot of Android fans out there.
  • Apple iPhone 4 – Apple came out with a winner …again. The design change sported a fresh, edgier look, and revolutionary features like the retina display. There was the whole antennagate fiasco, but people were too busy Facetiming to notice.
  • Google Nexus One – We were tempted to put the Nexus S here, but as a concept, but the Nexus One did too many things right to ignore. Sure it’s distribution policy was a failure, but the phone itself was a rock solid handset that established the Android OS as a serious competitor to the iOS.
  • Droid X – The phone that did Android right, with another huge 4.3 inch screen and an 8 megapixel camera. It was described as a “beast” in one review, the perfect word for a phone that looks almost menacing and had the features to back up the looks.
  • BlackBerry Torch 9800 – Sporting the BlackBerry OS6, a major improvement over the previous BlackBerry OS, this smartphone was feature packed enough to please more than just the core BlackBerry crowd.

So these are our top five smartphones for 2010. While there were no Windows mobile phones in this list, hopefully it will make an appearance next year, because the OS is new and quirky enough to deserve a truly great phone. Also, will we see amazing phones sporting the MeeGo or the Bada? Only time will tell

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