How About Reading a Newspaper on Your iPad?

How About Reading a Newspaper on Your iPad?

In 2010 we saw that (almost) everyone was slowly getting obsessed with smartphones and, of course, can we forget the iPad. Be it the Android or the Apple iPhone, you cannot ignore either of them.  Literally everybody in the Global Village wanted to own an Android or the iPhone or the iPad!

And, the craze was simply fueled when software developers started developing some amazing apps, after prudently judging the prospects of the app market. It may so happen that one day we think about anything relevant in our daily life…and, we are like – “hey, do we have an app for this?” Believe me folks – the app developers are doing a splendid job, designing some great apps for all tech-savvy people around the globe.

Now, if you own an iPad – how about reading the daily newspaper on your iPad? Still thinking, c’mon we have apps for that, as well. These are ‘Newspaper Apps’!

A majority of the news applications that have been created by single news brands are working on their products to enhance its various features such as interactivity, customization options, and so forth. If you try to judge the creativity quotient of these apps, then you would understand that the app makers have strictly kept themselves within the traditional boundaries. Most newspaper apps are stuck to the same pattern of pairing headlines with thumbnails photos. However, this old-school style is pretty popular since it gives you a simple way of running through the daily news updates. Talking about newspaper apps, some digital marketing analysts firmly believe that since mobile devices are fast becoming a more popular means of accessing news – news app developers should concentrate on improving the features of the existing news apps. This would certainly enable these apps to maintain a specific coverage target and enhance their popularity.

Some of most popular newspaper apps are USA Today, Associated Press, The Guardian, and Politico. You can be rest assured that many more  will join the list, before 2011 comes to an end!

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