Web Spiders Designs a Brand New Website for India’s Leading Hosiery Manufacturing and Exporting Company

January 29, 2011

Web Spiders Designs a Brand New Website for India's Leading Hosiery Manufacturing and Exporting Company

The last fortnight saw Web Spiders successfully completing yet another major website development. It was for one of the leading hosiery manufacturing and exporting companies of India, an organization that Web Spiders feels proud to be associated.

The client had approached Web Spiders for a brand new corporate identity and was awarded with a stunning new website that aptly showcases its prestige and reputation in the area of manufacturing high quality hosiery products. The new site developed by Web Spiders is a visual treat in itself, employing elements of Flash animation, embedded multimedia and intuitive navigation that makes using the site effortless, enjoyable and always a pleasure.

One of the challenges faced by Web Spiders was to organize all the information that the client had wished to use on the site, and reorder and distribute them in a logical and useable manner throughout the site. Needless to say, Web Spiders did a commendable job of it.

This project adds a major milestone in the long path of success for Web Spiders.

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