Why Android App Development Qualifies As the New Age Gold Rush

Why Android App Development Qualifies As the New Age Gold Rush

You know, just a few days back, we were having a discussion with some of our clients that selling Android applications on the Android Market could actually make an investor rich. Stubborn as they are, they flatly refused to believe that, stating that a few hundred people buying apps for a couple of dollars each month won’t make much of a difference, considering the amount they would have to invest for getting the apps developed.

That was when we showed them a few stats on the sales of Android apps. They were totally floored after watching why Android app development is often being hailed as the ‘new age gold rush’! Within minutes, they were asking us for suggestions on how they could start off on their own app selling business. We were pleased to notice that their queries hovered around the types of apps that they should concentrate on getting developed. It showed just how eager they were to get started. Here are some of the suggestions that we gave them:

  1. Always spend some time researching the market before you even start any new business. This is even truer for a fast changing market like mobile application development. In this case, however, we can speed up the research a bit by telling you that small games, reminder tools, backup tools, and yes, apps that inform you about weather conditions are among the highest sold apps on the store.
  2. Get in touch with a reputable developer firm, and find out how experienced their employees are, in the field of Android application development. Also, make sure that they charge a reasonable amount, so that your initial investments do not stretch your budget beyond the comfort zone.
  3. Have the apps thoroughly tested for bugs and glitches before you upload those on the Android Market. Do not neglect this! Any seller with a bunch of buggy apps is sure to be blacklisted very quickly. It is wiser to release the apps a little later than planned, if necessary, so that the bugs can be ironed out.

Reputable Android app developers hold the key for your success in the competitive market. Choose your developer partner carefully, to avoid starting off on the wrong foot.

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