Drupal Lightbox: A New Cutting Edge Tool from the Community

Drupal Lightbox: A New Cutting Edge Tool from the Community

Drupal may be one of the most advanced content management systems around, but until recently, it didn’t handle picture too well. In fact, every image had to be inserted manually in webpages built with the CMS.  If you have been working with Drupal for quite some time, this might be one of the gripes you have always wished to be addressed. Well, seems like some others had a similar idea too. The Drupal community has introduced a new feature in Drupal versions 6 and higher, which provides a catchy interface for image insertion in the admin panel.

Say hello to Lightbox, an all new module that can be installed on Drupal, and used to simplify image insertion in webpages to a great extent. The installation process is simple, and the supplied documentation explains the process in detail, to help avoid any accidental mess ups. And it is very easy to use as well. The graphical interface of the tool makes it simple to create a placeholder for the picture, select the picture from the directory, and to insert it in the webpage with just a single click. That’s it. There are no lengthy codes to write, and certainly no need to keep altering the position of the picture till it is just right. The preview option lets you see the final result as you design the webpage.

That’s not all. The Lightbox makes it easy to create slideshows using images, without you having to write a page-long fragment of code. All you have to do is create a placeholder, insert the images one by one through the Lightbox interface, and click on Create once you are done. What could be simpler than this?

Lightbox is one of the most user-friendly tools available for Drupal, and in the coming days its simplicity of usage and multi-faceted functionalities are sure to boost its popularity among the entire developer community. Watch this space for up to date news about other great features of this hugely popular CMS.

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