mCommerce Websites are taking the World of Internet Shopping by Storm

mCommerce Websites are taking the World of Internet Shopping by Storm

Mobile commerce (often referred to as mCommerce), has gained substantial popularity in the last few years, effectively overshadowing its more ubiquitous cousin, eCommerce. In fact, in 2010 itself, mCommerce grew by an astounding rate of around 200%, which is unlike any result eCommerce has even been able to produce! Ever wonder why it is so? eCommerce can be carried out just as easily through a web browser, and from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Still, mobile commerce is outperforming ecommerce by a huge margin in the profit earning division!

We believe that the following advantages of mCommerce have something to do with its astounding popularity:

  1. It’s omnipresent: Browsing mCommerce websites is a whole lot easier than regular eCommerce websites. As long as you have a high end mobile phone that supports web browsing, you can carry out transactions from the comfort of your living room couch. And you can carry out transactions 24/7, whenever you might need. So, if you forgot your wedding anniversary again, mCommerce website can save your marriage (and your skin). Even if it is 3 AM in the morning, simply order the product from a mCommerce website, and get it delivered at your doorstep the following morning!
  2. mCommerce websites are easier to use: Well, this should not be surprising! After all, mobile commerce websites are designed with user experience in mind. The product catalogs are very easy to browse through, even if you have not used mobile commerce websites before. The checkout process is usually pretty simple, to boot.
  3. mCommerce websites sport adequate security measures: Developers of mCommerce websites go to great lengths to make sure that the websites are secure against malicious intrusions. When you provide credit card information on a mCommerce website, you can rest assured that the information is going to be processed only after encryption, to prevent miscreants from getting their hands on your data.

So, mobile commerce websites are easy to access from anywhere, sport rock solid security measures and are highly user-friendly. Would you need any other reason to visit mCommerce websites more than regular eCommerce websites on the web?

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