Mobilizing Drupal Websites is a Piece of Cake Thanks to the Mobile Tools Package

Mobilizing Drupal Websites is a Piece of Cake Thanks to the Mobile Tools Package

Do you have a website designed and hosted using the Drupal platform and now wish to mobilize it? Then you have just made a great decision! Mobilizing Drupal is much easier than doing so with any other platform, largely thanks to the add-ons, especially the Mobile Tools pack. Simply by using these tools, you can have your Drupal website ported to the mobile platform with ease, and ensure proper functioning of your website once it is done.

Here are just some of the benefits you will receive by using the tools in the pack for mobilizing Drupal websites:

  • You can embed a link to the mobile version of your website within the general version, and also track the actual number of visitors, who check out your mobile website.
  • You can decide which features the visitors to your mobile website will be able to see or use. That way, you can ensure that visitors using different types of mobile handsets will be able to browse your website without any hitches.
  • You can decide how much content is visible on one webpage. This is particularly useful if you have a really large About Us or Products page, or if the front page of your business blog contains too many posts. By limiting the amount of visible content, you will be able to easily ensure optimum performance of your mobile website on a wide range of mobile devices with varied amounts of hardware resources.
  • You can still allow users to customize some of the elements of your website to their liking. For instance, once a user signs up for an account, you can allow him (or her) to change the theme of the user page, customize the way the information appears on it, and so on.

Mobile Tools is possibly one of the most useful Drupal modules out there. The unbeatable combination of lots of useful features and ease of usage makes this the perfect add-on to use when porting your website to the mobile platform.

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