3 Reasons Why Mobilizing Websites With Drupal Is A Very Good Idea

3 Reasons Why Mobilizing Websites With Drupal Is A Very Good Idea

Drupal is perhaps one of the best content management systems (CMS) to work with, whether you are planning to build a mobile website from scratch, or simply planning to port an existing website to the mobile platform. True, it can probably be done with a lot of different CMSs, but is surprisingly easy with Drupal, mainly due to the modular structure of the Drupal platform and the huge selection of add-on modules available on the Drupal platform. This made the CMS tremendously popular among developers, so much so that Dries Buytaert, the Founder of Drupal Foundation once commented, “If we were to start Drupal from scratch, we would design for mobile first.

Here are a few features offered by Drupal modules for the web platform (collectively called Mobile Tools), which make working with those surprisingly easy for developers:

  1. Easy switching between regular and mobile themes: Drupal mobile tools make it easy for developers to configure the website so that it automatically switches to the mobile version, when a user accesses the website using a mobile device.
  2. Option for using mobile themes: Drupal tools offer the option to change the theme of a website after predefined periods, so as to maintain a fresh look. This can be done manually, or automated using a special add-on.
  3. Automatic browser detection: Different mobile browsers have different limitations, forcing webmasters to stop some of the features on the websites, so that the sites don’t crash on the browsers. In Drupal, this switching is automatically done if you use a particular module. Now that’s a hassle-free way to work.

Drupal has emerged as the most preferred CMS for mobile developers across the globe. In the coming years, this popularity can only be expected to grow further and further!

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