Number of Customers Preferring Mcommerce in the US & UK is Steadily on the Rise

Number of Customers Preferring Mcommerce in the US & UK is Steadily on the Rise

UK has recently witnessed a boom in the rate of acceptance of mobile commerce across the nation – a trend that can be expected to continue for quite some time from now. In 2009, only about 2% of citizens even bothered to check out mCommerce websites on the Internet. This has grown more than 5 times this year, with approximately 10% of the population visiting mobile commerce websites.

Today, more than 75 million people across the country own mobile phones capable of connecting to the Internet. As online retailers start exploiting this enormous group of potential customers, the number of customers shopping for their preferred products on mobile websites is expected to shoot up rapidly.

United States has also experienced a similar trend. As many as 25% of smartphone owners across the nation used their phones to search for product information in 2009. This number is expected to be doubled in 2011, assuming that the trend continues. Apart from that, the number of people using mobile Internet is also expected to rise up to 100 million by the end of 2011. That is around 33% of the country’s total population.

Retailing on mobile platforms is the future of online business – there can be no doubt about that. The level of comfort and privacy that the technology provides to customers simply cannot be outmatched by any other method of shopping. In the coming years, its popularity can only grow further and make the technology easily accessible to customers in just about any nation across the globe.

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