Top 3 Types Of Productivity Boosting Android Apps For Web Designers

Top 3 Types Of Productivity Boosting Android Apps For Web Designers

Smartphones powered by the Android mobile operating system are not just meant to look pretty and serve as fashion statements. The huge app store for Android and the millions of apps available there ensure that the phones provide enhanced functionalities as well. Indeed, the number of productivity boosting apps available on the Android market, for employees in almost any business sector, is astounding. Let us, for example, consider the types of apps that can help web designers improve their productivity to a good extent:

1. Source code viewers: There are plenty of free apps available on the Android Market, which can serve this purpose quite adequately. All the user has to do after visiting a website is to run the app. This type of apps shows the source code, and also allows the user to cut and paste HTML codes from within the app itself.

2. HTML Editors: Well, this is a must-have type of app for most web developers. Apps of this type basically allow a user to build an entire website on the smartphone itself, by writing codes using HTML, ASP scripts, and Java scripts. The website can also be launched by using some other types of apps, but that’s another story.

3. Manuals and guides: No human being can expect to remember everything about the elements of web designing. And that is why apps of this type are highly popular on the Android Market. Packed to the hilt with useful information, definitions, and even code samples of most types of web programming languages and scripting languages, these apps can easily save the day for any web designer, who needs to find out exactly how to create an applet window using Java scripts, or how to change the color of a button using an ASP script.

These are just 3 types of the productivity boosting apps available on the Android Market for web designers. Many other varieties of apps are available out there, and using a carefully chosen selection of those is likely to help a web designer solve most problems that he (or she) is likely to encounter during everyday work.

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