How Food&HotelAsia(FHA) And Wine&SpiritsAsia(WSA) Is Utilizing Event2Mobile

How Food&HotelAsia(FHA) And Wine&SpiritsAsia(WSA) Is Utilizing Event2Mobile

The Event2Mobile platform is powering two ongoing events, namely Food&HotelAsia(FHA) and Wine&SpiritsAsia(WSA). An iPhone app developed on the E2M platform gives visitors all the information they need regarding these two events.

FHA is being conducted in an exhibition area that has been expanded to 87,000 sq. mts. Trade visitors from more than 90 countries/regions are expected to turn up for this biennial event. The footfall is not only going to be high for FHA, but WSA also promises to draw in the crowds. With 165 exhibitors coming in from over 25 countries, attendees will get a first-hand experience of some of the most popular wines from around the globe.  We used the Event2Mobile platform to develop an app that will facilitate smooth interaction, between the exhibitors and the attendees, at these two events.

There will be a number of trade visitors who will turn up for these events. Several attendees will be interested in particular exhibitors only. E2M will help them get to the right booth without having to meander around the entire exhibition. E2M will provide assistance to attendees through a live map of both the events. This will help visitors save a lot of time and they can choose which booths they want to be at.

Attendees can download the app. Profiles of various exhibitors will be available so event visitors can read up a little before they land up at a particular booth. The integrated QR code feature has benefits for the food and wine exhibitors who are looking at future interaction with attendees. By using the Exhibitor Lead Generation(ELG) module, organizers and exhibitors can keep track of how many leads are generated at both the events.

The event organizers are doing the environment a huge favor by going mobile. Using the Event2Mobile-powered app can help cut down on the use of paper brochures, and other paraphernalia. Besides that, booths can be easily located and if visitors find themselves lost in the midst of the exhibition, all they have to do is pull out their phone and use the application to get where they want to be.

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