What Web Spiders Has Been Working On Over The Past Fortnight

What Web Spiders Has Been Working On Over The Past Fortnight

The fortnight gone by has seen Web Spiders assist two important clients with their web presence. Portal development is not a walk in the park, and taking care of a website is a full-time responsibility. If it’s an e-Commerce site, then this is an even bigger undertaking. Our web development team has been working towards smoothening out the rough edges of a well-known party products supplier’s website in the UK.

Since our client’s success depends on customers shopping online, we decided to make things easier for them. By ensuring that all site buttons were functioning properly, we have been able to improve a customer’s online shopping experience. We have made sure that all product listings can be accessed without any difficulty. Our client has a vast inventory of products and thus we had to take care that customers do not lose their way while browsing through the site. By removing even the tiniest of glitches, we have been able to give our client exactly what they needed: a website free of any bugs that could hamper smooth e-Commerce.

Besides, we have also been busy assisting a leading plywood and decorative veneers company with their online requirements. With the growth in the mobile market, brands are looking towards mobile-optimized sites and apps. This is where our client required our help. We’ve recently designed and developed an iPhone application for them.

This app has been developed keeping in mind that smartphone users are on the lookout for detailed information without having to work too hard for it. For instance, if prospective customers of our client wanted to browse through the product catalogue on their phone, they could do so without any trouble. On top of that, they could even fill out an order form and have a company representative call them up with further details. All this can be done via the newly designed iPhone app that we’ve come up with for our client.

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