Why Adaptive Image Resizing In Ektron 8.6 Is Kind Of A Big Deal

Why Adaptive Image Resizing In Ektron 8.6 Is Kind Of A Big Deal

Ektron has just released the latest major update to their flagship product, the Ektron CMS, and one of the most talked-about features of this new update is “Adaptive Image Resizing“. But why is it such a big deal? Well, to put it simply, adaptive image resizing is a feature that ensures your website is properly displayed on all web-enabled devices, irrespective of screen size and aspect ratio. This is accomplished by uploading copies of the same image in various resolutions – the Ektron CMS selects the most appropriate one based on  the device the website is being viewed on.

Ektron’s implementation of this technology comes with a host of benefits and features. For one thing, users and webmasters can implement their own, customized caching strategy to ensure the best possible experience for their visitors. Webmasters can even set resizing criteria, specifying which images need resizing and which don’t. For example, images below a certain size may be exempt from resizing.  Additionally, the CMS even has a “direct access” mode, which allows developers to set any image at a predefined resolution.

In an era when mobile devices come in various shapes and sizes, the primary benefit of adaptive image resizing is the reduction in duplication of work, without compromising on quality and the website viewing experience. With this feature, website developers can create a single website instead of one for every screen size and platform, with the Ektron CMS dynamically adjusting it according to the viewing device.

To learn more about the other features of Ektron 8.6, check out the product page here, or download the brochure here.

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