AI Buzzwords Simplified!

AI Buzzwords Simplified!

AI Buzzwords Simplified

2017 was a year of major change for Web Spiders. The company shifted to a product-based model and launched three products: ZOE – a Customer Bot Platform, Gecko – a Video Interview Bot and Eva – an Event Concierge Bot. The common factor binding these products? They are all powered by AI. A game-changing technology, AI is being called the 4th industrial revolution and is comparable to the mobile and app revolution that began with the iPhone.

However, like any new technology, the conversation around AI is full of jargon and buzzwords and may be difficult for people unfamiliar with it. So for our first podcast, we decided to demystify some of these buzzwords and terms and take an in-depth look at this technology. Featuring Sid Jhunjhunwala, WS CEO, and Senior Business Manager Narinder Brahach, the podcast tackles some important questions about AI, like…

  • What are NLP and machine learning and how do they work?
  • How does a bot learn to respond to queries?
  • How can a company benefit from AI?
  • What should be the considerations when adopting AI technology for business?
  • Where does AI stand as of 2017 and where is it likely to move to next?

Tune in to our podcast for a conversation about AI and machine learning, and follow us for regular discussions on various aspects of digital technology, mobility and AI. The Web Spiders podcast is also on iTunes and Stitcher, so you can follow us on your favourite podcast platform.

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