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5 Ways Chatbots can Turbocharge Your Retail Marketing Efforts

Considering the need to adopt customer-centric marketing approaches with cutting-edge technological capabilities, more and more enterprises are counting on conversational AI tools to fuel their business performance.   Although the top retail businesses have already employed chatbots to streamline their…Read more

Scripted Chatbots Vs. NLP Based Chatbots

If a recent Gartner report is to be believed, the millennial generation is more likely to communicate more with bots than their spouses by 2020. We should not be surprised because by now almost all of us have fairly acknowledged how chatbot…Read more

5 Benefits of Using Firebase for App Development

Firebase Logo
Firebase is a powerful web and mobile application platform to solve the key challenges of app development. Startups or well-established brands can use Firebase to build sophisticated mobile apps quickly, and grow their businesses. Take a look at the following…Read more