Tips to Theme with Drupal

Drupal has a fast growing user base and is one of the most popular Content Management Systems currently. The built-in functionality, combined with a plethora of freely available add-on modules, enables features such as eCommerce, Blogs, collaborative authoring environments, forums,…Read more

Drupal Improves Scalability at the Cost of Speed

Drupal, a leading Web Content Management System, announced it would upgrade its scalability in its upcoming Drupal 7 version by sacrificing its speed. The upgraded Drupal version will be available from the month of June onwards. The current version of…Read more

Duke Walks the Drupal Way

Do not be surprised if you hear that Drupal is being called a ‘framework’ in addition to being a robust CMS. The Duke University people have effectively followed a decentralized approach to create their departmental website and institutional homepage with…Read more
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