Mobile Apps Development – To Do or Not To Do?

There are more mobile phone subscribers than toothbrushes. – Economics of Apps – University of Oxford There are currently over 5.3 billion mobile subscribers (almost 80% percent of the world population) and in the next 2-3 years, mobile internet is…Read more

Web Spiders Develops Mobile Event Guide For Popular Exhibitions

Once again Web Spiders’ event2mobile platform justifies its popularity among the world’s premiere event managers and organizers. Two of the biggest information and communication technology events worldwide – the  CommunicAsia2011 Summit and the BroadcastAsia2011 International Conference, deployed event2mobile event guides…Read more

Mobile Apps, the Urban Man and India

“Raise your hands how many of you use apps on your mobile phones…” – Throw this question to any crowd and you are likely to find quite a few hands shooting up in the air. Quite a few quizzical looks…Read more
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